“One of the Best Restaurants in Mechanicsburg, Pa” or so our customers tell us.

The Game Table Cafe was voted as a 2017 Readers’ Choice for Suburban Restaurant. Thanks Mechanicsburg, Pa

Few restaurants in Mechanicsburg Pa can compete with our great tasting sandwiches, fresh coffee, and such a great café atmosphere.

How about eating a Catan sandwich while you play Catan the Game? This sandwich is made with turkey, bacon, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese. Yum!


Clearly our customers see us as one of the best restaurants in Mechanicsburg Pa.  They love our great sandwiches and keep coming back because we have one of the finest atmospheres available in nearby restaurants.  That is saying quite a bit given the repertoire of great nearby restaurants in Mechanicsburg Pa.  Our standing as one of the best local restaurants was recently confirmed by The Game Table Café receiving the 2017 Harrisburg Magazine Readers’ Choice Award for Suburban Restaurant


Harrisburg Magazine’s annual award is voted on by their readers.  Out of thousands of nearby restaurants in the greater Harrisburg area, The Game Table Cafe was selected, confirming what many of you already know, we are simply one of the highest rated restaurants in Mechanicsburg Pa.  We know this because when you decide where to eat and consider other nearby restaurants in your search for good places to eat, many of you turn to The Game Table Café.

Finest Coffee in Mechanicsburg, Pa

The Game Table Cafe is a very unique restaurant in that it reflects many of the elements of a European style cafe or pub.  We maintain a very casual dining environment and reflect that great café feeling.  We combine prepared to order sandwiches and locally roasted coffee to achieve the perfect combination not found in nearby restaurants.

Espresso in Mecanicsburg, Pa with your Meeple.

The idea of a board game cafe started in Europe about 10 years ago and the popularity of these cafes flourished with the monumental growth in the popularity of table top board games.  By combining great sandwiches, excellent baked goods, fine coffee, and over 400 board games we brought this concept to your Mechanicsburg Pa.  The popularity of this type of entertainment and dining experience is reflected in this award and has made us one of the best restaurants in Mechanicsburg Pa.

Order something to share like our chips and dip. Best Lunch in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

The Game Table Cafe is a must visit when you are in Mechanicsburg, Pa.  Our menu is full of great sandwich options, excellent coffee and espresso drinks and the bake case is full of wonderful tasting bakery items.  The Game Table Cafe is a favorite stop for a quick lunch and is within easy reach from just about anywhere in both Camp Hill and Mechanicsburg Pa. If you are in a hurry you can always call ahead and we will have your meal ready for you to pick up.  Many people love to just drop in for our coffee and to grab one of our muffins or cookies to take home.

Drop in for some of our bakery items.

Can You Get Through This Post Without Craving a Sandwich?

If you’ve been paying attention thus far, you’ll know that board game cafes boast having something for everyone. And it’s true! We pride ourselves on being able to find a game that everyone in your group can understand and enjoy, even those most adamantly opposed to learning something new. And the same is true about our sandwiches. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “But, Rae, isn’t that true about almost every café out there?” And to that I say yes, you are absolutely correct. But can you go to any of those other cafés and play the board game your sandwich was named after while eating said sandwich? No, you can’t. And that is where we have those cafés beat.


Essentially an Italian sub, the Fresco is made with ham, pepperoni, and salami layered between provolone cheese. This is topped with lettuce and roasted tomatoes, which are way better than regular tomatoes. The tomatoes sit in an oil that we drizzle on top.


The perfect sandwich for all of you bacon lovers is the Catan. In addition to bacon, the Catan has turkey, Russian dressing (which I’ve heard is like thousand-island dressing), and Swiss cheese. We toast it so that the cheese bubbles up and melts down the sides.


The Munchkin is a roast beef sandwich with lettuce, red onions and those delicious roasted tomatoes. It is completed with a horseradish sauce that we so lovingly refer to as “horsey” sauce.


The Dominion is a meatball sub made with stroganoff sauce and provolone cheese. We toast it in the oven so the cheese melts over the top of the meatballs. What is stroganoff sauce? Honestly, I have no idea. All I know is that it is brown and has mushrooms in it.

7 Wonders

Our caprese sandwich is the 7 Wonders, made with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto that is toasted on the panini press until the cheese is perfectly melted. Again, these are our delicious roasted tomatoes and it is the tomatoes that really make this sandwich. With no meat, this sandwich is also vegetarian-friendly!


The Tsuro is a buffalo chicken wrap made with chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and a buffalo sauce that makes it a bit spicy. We grill it on the press until the outsides are golden and toasty.


Perhaps the only sandwich whose name makes sense is the Scoville. Scoville is a game about planting peppers and our sandwich is a grilled cheese with a kick. In addition to Colby jack cheese, we add blue corn chips and a jalapeno cream cheese spread. This is our other vegetarian-friendly sandwich!

Ticket to Ride

Another sandwich made with turkey is the Ticket to Ride. The Ticket to Ride has turkey and provolone with a layer of lettuce on top. Instead of plain, boring mayonnaise, we’ve put a twist on our turkey sandwich using a cranberry mayonnaise and a small amount of craisins to give it a bit of sweetness.

A Non-Coffee Drinker’s Guide to Coffee

I don’t drink coffee. I know, right? You’re thinking, “How can you work at a café and not drink coffee? How do you go through every day without caffeine pumping through your system? Something must be wrong with you.” I assure you, dear reader, I survive just fine without my daily dose of coffee. And I’ve learned quite a bit about coffee now that I make it on a regular basis and I want to share my plethora of knowledge for our customers who, like me, aren’t big on coffee and may feel a bit lost trying to order something new. Sure we don’t have nearly as many options as Starbucks, but it can still be a little intimidating if you don’t know what you want. Fear not, for I am here to help you navigate all of these strange, Italian words.


Let’s get one thing straight: there is no “x” in the word “espresso.” Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about what espresso is. A common misconception is that espresso is a dark or bitter roast, but the truth is that espresso is referring to the method in which the coffee is prepared. “Espresso” comes from the Italian for “pressed out.” To make espresso, finely ground coffee is tightly packed into a portafilter, then hot water is forced through the grounds. The result is an intense, concentrated amount of coffee. Basically, espresso is the “hard liquor” of coffee. It is called a “shot,” after all.


Remember that espresso shot we just talked about? Now we’re going to add a few ounces of steamed milk to it to make a latte! The word “latte” is the shortened form of the Italian “caffé latté” meaning “milk coffee.” If you want espresso, but need something to help minimize the bitterness of it, a latte is the way to go. If your barista is creative and willing to go the extra mile, you may even see some nice latte art.


Cappuccinos find their origins in a Viennese drink from the 1700s known as a Kapuziner (the name comes from the color of the robes of Capuchin monks). While the name comes from Vienna, it was the Italians who invented cappuccino around the time espresso machines became popular in the early 1900s. Traditionally, cappuccinos were basically tiny lattes, only about five ounces. It wasn’t until after WWII that the modern cappuccino arrived. If you walk into a café today and order a cappuccino, what you will receive is a drink that is one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and one-third milk foam.  I think a lot of people don’t realize that’s what they’re ordering when they ask for a cappuccino; I know my own family didn’t until I explained it to them!


A lot of people are sometimes surprised to find out that a macchiato is served in a small espresso shot cup. This is probably because Starbucks has implanted a different idea of what a macchiato is in people’s minds that is completely different than what a macchiato actually is. The word “macchiato” is Italian for marked. An Italian macchiato is a shot (or two) of espresso with the slightest bit of steamed milk that “marks” the top.


Americano comes from the Italian “caffé Americano” meaning American coffee. The term is said to have originated during WWII when the American G.I.s stationed in Italy tried Italian espresso. Saying that it was too strong, they asked for the espresso to be diluted with hot water, making it more similar to what they were used to. Thus the Americano was born. Order an Americano today and you’ll receive a shot or two of espresso filled the rest of the way with hot water.


While mocha can refer to a type of bean from Mocha, Yemen, we’re going to talk about the chocolate-flavored espresso drink. In this case, mocha is not synonymous with chocolate, but rather, mocha refers to the mixture of chocolate and coffee flavors. A mocha is essentially a latte with some form of chocolate flavoring added, usually either cocoa powder or a syrup. You can also think of a mocha as a hot chocolate with espresso added if you want to. Depending on where you order, they may serve your mocha with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

And now you are armed with the knowledge to go to your favorite coffee shop (definitely us, right?) and confidently approach the register and order with pride.