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We are your local coffee shop serving the best fresh roasted coffee and sub sandwiches to include our meatball stroganoff sub. Plus we are perfect for a quick coffee break or you can stay and play our board games. We are a board game cafe with 400 games. Our mission and it is not world domination Risk style or financial stardom Monopoly style.  We have three goals.

Share the fun and enjoyment of board games, tabletop games, & expand the tabletop gaming hobby.  We want to share our great selection of boardgames, tabletop games and card games with as many people as possible.  I am amazed at how many people play board games but have not explored the repertoire of great tabletop games that are out there to enjoy.  They simply have not been introduced to the great array of themes, mechanics and great game development that has evolved over the last 10 years.  Thus is born The Game Table Cafe game library, the Game Curator and Gurus (people that will teach and explain these new games), and our friendly inviting atmosphere.

The Game Cafe Experience
Much like the “Hard Rock Cafe” sells “the rock and roll experience” we want to sell the tabletop and board gaming experience in a new and fantastically fun way.   We designed our interior in such a way that everyone will feel welcome.  The modern design and gaming memorabilia that will adorn the walls and decor is there for you to enjoy while you game.  Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere is what we want people to experience.
Employ, Contribute & Support
We know the power of employment and how mentoring can change lives.  I have over 30 years of training and developing men and women in the military to be and do more than they ever imagined.  I want to continue mentoring people and provide jobs and training to assist the people of Central PA to be and do more then they ever imagined.  This was the primary impetus behind why The Game Table Cafe was brought into being.  We want to create opportunities for people.  But its much more than that.  We plan to contribute to job creation throughout Central PA.  Our goal is to buy products locally expanding our influence beyond just the people we hire, but to create economic opportunity for others in the region.   Along these lines we plan to support many of the local game developers in our region, several have launched successful Kickstarters and others are well on their way.  We will host an annual UnPub event at the Cafe and have game launch parties to support these great developers.
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 4900 Carlisle Pike
Hampden Center
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
We are next to the UPS Store
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 (717) 695-0836
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