Can You Get Through This Post Without Craving a Sandwich?

If you’ve been paying attention thus far, you’ll know that board game cafes boast having something for everyone. And it’s true! We pride ourselves on being able to find a game that everyone in your group can understand and enjoy, even those most adamantly opposed to learning something new. And the same is true about our sandwiches. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “But, Rae, isn’t that true about almost every café out there?” And to that I say yes, you are absolutely correct. But can you go to any of those other cafés and play the board game your sandwich was named after while eating said sandwich? No, you can’t. And that is where we have those cafés beat.


Essentially an Italian sub, the Fresco is made with ham, pepperoni, and salami layered between provolone cheese. This is topped with lettuce and roasted tomatoes, which are way better than regular tomatoes. The tomatoes sit in an oil that we drizzle on top.


The perfect sandwich for all of you bacon lovers is the Catan. In addition to bacon, the Catan has turkey, Russian dressing (which I’ve heard is like thousand-island dressing), and Swiss cheese. We toast it so that the cheese bubbles up and melts down the sides.


The Munchkin is a roast beef sandwich with lettuce, red onions and those delicious roasted tomatoes. It is completed with a horseradish sauce that we so lovingly refer to as “horsey” sauce.


The Dominion is a meatball sub made with stroganoff sauce and provolone cheese. We toast it in the oven so the cheese melts over the top of the meatballs. What is stroganoff sauce? Honestly, I have no idea. All I know is that it is brown and has mushrooms in it.

7 Wonders

Our caprese sandwich is the 7 Wonders, made with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto that is toasted on the panini press until the cheese is perfectly melted. Again, these are our delicious roasted tomatoes and it is the tomatoes that really make this sandwich. With no meat, this sandwich is also vegetarian-friendly!


The Tsuro is a buffalo chicken wrap made with chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and a buffalo sauce that makes it a bit spicy. We grill it on the press until the outsides are golden and toasty.


Perhaps the only sandwich whose name makes sense is the Scoville. Scoville is a game about planting peppers and our sandwich is a grilled cheese with a kick. In addition to Colby jack cheese, we add blue corn chips and a jalapeno cream cheese spread. This is our other vegetarian-friendly sandwich!

Ticket to Ride

Another sandwich made with turkey is the Ticket to Ride. The Ticket to Ride has turkey and provolone with a layer of lettuce on top. Instead of plain, boring mayonnaise, we’ve put a twist on our turkey sandwich using a cranberry mayonnaise and a small amount of craisins to give it a bit of sweetness.