Game Table Cafe Closing

Thank You Everyone.

So, the big news for The Game Table Café is that we will be closing after 6 years of operations. This has been one of the toughest decisions I have had to make in recent memory. Our customers and employees (both past & present) have become like family to us and closing the café was a very tough decision. The official last day of the café is 24 December 2021. Between now and then I have two goals. First,  make sure we take care of our customers. Second, make sure our employees have a great transition. If you wish to know more then please read through the FAQ below.

Board Games
Just Keep Gaming.
  1. Why are you closing? No single reason. A multitude of facts drove me to this decision. These are in no particular order, but all contributed to the decision.
    – In my long-term plan, 2021 was to be a year to take the Café to the next level. The plan had been to find a location with better visibility, space for a permanent escape room and private rooms, and room for a larger kitchen and retail area. We have a successful business model, we have the money, but the current business climate is extremely chaotic. My business confidants are advising me that this is not the year to launch what I had planned to launch.
    – Our current lease ends on 4 January 2022. The Hampden Center property management has been awesome and made several offers to try and get us to stay. However, all of those offers required us to sign a five-year lease. What we want to do with the café can’t be done at the current location and I don’t want to lock us in for another five years.
    – Costs and supply shortages have drastically altered how difficult it is to run our kitchen and to provide reasonably priced, high quality food service.
    – My wife Laura (also the café’s chef) is experiencing significant knee pain. Working in the kitchen with constant deep knee bends required is exacerbating her pain. She is scheduled for knee replacement surgery in January. We had been training an assistant chef to take over while Laura recovered, but the assistant chef has left us for another job.
    – New location build out. I have been looking for a new location and talking to contractors since May of 2021. I had hoped to find a new location before our current lease runs out. However, the fact that it is easy and cheap to borrow money right now means that there are a lot of people building things. Contractors are booked up and the ones I talked to basically told me the soonest they could get to my project would be Fall of 2022. I was hoping to find a location with minimal build out, but it just has not happened.

    Tom Searching for a new location.
  2. Will there be another Game Table Café in the future? Maybe. Operating over the last six years has proven to me that the business model works. I know what works and what doesn’t. I have ideas on how we could make it work even better. However, there are many other factors involved in starting up another Game Table Café. First, it must work for our family. Laura’s recovery. John’s availability/desire to continue, my energy & ambition to try out my ideas. Second, the business climate needs to stabilize. Costs, shortages, employee availability, etc.,. Third, we need to find the right location. Now that we have decided to close, I am focused on transitioning out of the current location, making sure we honor all our commitments to customers, and helping our employees transition to a new job. So I am not focused on a future Game Table Café at the moment.
  3. How can I help? Right now, I would encourage you to continue to enjoy the café. My goal is to continue to provide the highest quality service and entertainment experience possible. That will be a huge help to all of us. This has been an emotional decision for us and has been emotional for our employees. They all love the café. We all want to keep seeing you. You are our friends and family, and we want to be able to say goodbye.
  4. Will you have a big farewell party? Maybe. Several people have asked us to do this. We are looking at dates in December to try and make this happen. It will probably be a catered event. We would want to be able to not worry about operating the café but just sit down with everyone and play games and enjoy your company.

    New Years Eve 2019
  5. What about my annual pass? Everyone with an annual pass that expires after December 2021 will receive store credit in the amount equal to the percentage of time remaining on your pass. For example, if you have an annual pass that expires in June 2022 you will receive $60 in store credit. (6 months = ½ an annual pass. ½ of $120 = $60). We will have everyone’s store credit calculated by the time we open on Tuesday, and you are welcome to use it anytime between now and when we close on 24 December.
  6. What about my 5 or 10 pass? If you do not intend to use your pass over the next month we will provide you store credit based on the value remaining on your 5 or 10 pass. For example, if you have a 10 pass with 5 uses remaining, we will give you store credit for ½ of a 10 pass or $20.
  7. What if I have a Gift Certificate? We will honor all gift certificates until we close on 24 December. If you want a refund on a gift certificate you will need to return the gift certificate to us with the receipt for its purchase. We will refund the value back onto the card used to purchase the gift certificate. We can’t provide cash refunds for gift certificates, nor can we refund certificates without a receipt.
  8. What if I don’t like any of this? If you are unhappy with any of the policies above regarding passes or gift certificates, please contact Tom. Our goal is to make good on all customer obligations. If the above policies don’t fit your need, then discuss it with Tom for possible alternative solutions.
  9. Where am I supposed to game after you close? I would encourage you to come into the café during the month of December and sort that out with the people you have become friends with at the café. It is always better to make a collective decision than to scatter all over the place and lose contact with your friends. There are many great options available. Try the other board game cafes in the area. Both the Gamehaven Cafe and Bakery in York and UrTurn Café in Harrisburg have similar events and atmosphere. There are also several game groups that meet in churches and community centers around the area. These can be found on I know I will be dropping in on some of the game groups I frequented before we opened the café. I do hope to see you around.

    See you around!

Socially Distanced Gaming

 As cases rise and temperature get colder, it seems we are once again destined to be stuck inside without our friends and family. So how, as board game addicts, are we supposed to get our fix? Luckily, there are many ways to have a safe and socially distant board game night. 


  1. Play games with those already in your Covid bubble. 

Do you already have a group of friends, family, or coworkers you spend a lot of time with? Play games with them! This isn’t an option for everyone, but if you already have a group you eat with, live with, or spend a lot of time in close quarters with, that’s as close as you can get to safe in-person gaming. Mask up, respect everyone’s personal bubble, (maybe don’t play Twister) and have fun!


2. Use an app!

Some board games have apps that you can download on your phone and play with others. Games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and Monopoly all have licensed apps- plus you can always find dozens of apps for games like Chess or Checkers. Get on a call with friends to bicker to your heart’s content over settlement or train placements. 


3. Play on your computer.

Steam has a slew of board games in its library- as well as Tabletop Simulator which allows you to, well, simulate playing your favorite board games. You can even flip the table when you’re done and with online games you don’t even have to worry about losing your pieces under the couch! Jump into Discord and play some tunes while you play some games.

Tabletopia is also a really cool resource too; it’s an online cornucopia of game demos that you can play with other users, including new releases and games you can’t find or purchase. It’s a really great resource to try new games before you buy them or get a group to play if your normal board game friends can’t get together. This is not a free option, but it is a cool way to play online if you can spare a few dollars. 

It’s a good way to get more space to play and gives you more options than a phone game would allow you to have. 


4. Video Call it!


Speaking of Discord, you can play board games over video calls too! Using Zoom, Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts, or another video call software one player or group of players can set up a game and stream it to the other players. The other players can dictate how they want their pieces to move and how they want to play. This one’s a little tricky to pull off, and often works best with a non-player acting as game master to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

This is a method that best serves RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Monster of the Week.

5. Use specialized game programs, like Roll20.

If you play an RPG, there are a ton of online resources  and downloadable content to help you game with your group remotely. In addition to interfaces like Discord, you may find game simulators more helpful for your gaming experience. Things like Roll20, RollGate, Fantasy Grounds, or Vassal have different capabilities, like built-in map features or a modular terrain map you can build for your adventure.

Vassal is also a popular option for remote miniature war games, especially skirmish-sized games like WarCry or Malifaux.

Get to know your sandwiches! part 1

Hello everyone, this week was very exciting as the store is now open to half capacity. this is a big step since we have been so confined for three months. thank you to everyone who helped us in that time. For this blog i had the idea to introduce the games that our sandwiches are based on. Not only are these sandwiches delicious but also fun games to play.

  1. Ticket to Ride

Not only is this one of our favorite sandwiches but is also one our more popular games. Take a trip on this train adventure to see which of you can go to the most cities in 7 days.  This adventure game will take you on a journey on many different train routes through North America. Your goal is to complete the most tickets and/ or take the longest route to hit as many cities as you can.

2. Karuba

This game invites you to go on adventure through the jungle to find the monuments and hidden treasures. Your goal is to move your pawn to the corresponding colored temple and to collect gold and crystals as well as the temple treasure. The game is interactive and a thrilling adventure through the jungle.

3. 7 Wonders

7 Wonder is a game about ancient cities using natural resources, military might and making your mark in history. This is a card development game that takes strategy and will test your developmental skill throughout the game. Once you start playing this game, you’ll be a fan forever. It’s that addictive!

  1. Catan

This sandwich is also an awesome game.  In this particular game you are controlling a group of settlers and trying to tame the wilderness around you.  It is also a resource trading game as well as a cooperative game. Your objective is to build as many settlements as possible so that you can win the game. However, you must also be watchful of the robber and avoid being robbed.

  1. Fresco

This renaissance-based game takes the player and puts them in the positions of Fresco painters so that they have to restore a painting on the cathedrals ceiling. This game requires careful planning and strategics. Your goal is to completely restore the painting and become the most renowned fresco painter.


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Top cat themed games

Calling all cat lovers!! This list of games will be sure to get you excited and ready to play our top 5 Cat themed tabletop games.

1.Sparkle Kitty

Oh no, your princesses are trapped in towers! But wait, these aren’t just any ordinary princesses, help the princesses by using combinations of magic words to create spells and set them free. Be the first to get your princess out of her tower and win the game. This is a very simple and fun game to play with friends and family.

2. Exploding kittens

In this game you play with adorable cat characters like, taco cat to win. Your goal is to explode you opponents and win the game. However, you still need to be cautious, this game requires strategy and greed. Be the first to explode all your opponents before they get the chance to explode you and win the game. Proceed with cation!

3.CATS a sad but necessary cycle of violent predatory behavior

This game may look cute and innocent, but it is more geared towards teens and adults. Your goal in this game is to have your cat catch, steal, and eat birds. This game cycles through 6 actions, 1 at a time, with each player playing their cards at the same time during each action. You will secretly select a target and an action card and place that card down. Do your best to catch your prey and feast to beat the other players.

4. Rat-a-tat Cat

Though this game may look difficult it defiantly is easier once you get the hang of it. This is a great family game to play especially when playing with kids. The math of the game is great for them and just really helps to think about strategy. There are three basic rules of this game, peak at a card, draw more cards, or swap a card with another player. Your goal is to have the lowest score possible, when you think you have the lowest score you say rat-a-tat cat and flip all your cards over. If you have the lowest score you win!


Non-meow spies have infiltrated the meow meeting! Find out who the spies are and kick them out. In this cute kitty game, you and your teammates are all kitties having your meow meeting or so you think. Non-meows somehow infiltrated the meeting and its up to you to find the spy. You can be accused of not being a meow and if that happens you must reveal your cards. If the accuser is right, they win the game, if they are wrong then they are out of the game and you continue until the spy is found.

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Top games to play with your family

Hey everyone, we know that right now families are closer than ever, we have some great games to play. Theses games are some of the cafes favorites and some of the best to play. They’re easy to learn and play. Families are close together at home and it is important to stay occupied during this epidemic, keep that brain moving. These are the top 3 family games at the cafe.

1.) Carcassonne

This territorial tile-laying game will turn you into a city-building expert in no time! Lay your drawn tiles down each turn to create a tableau with your fellow players of cities, farms, chapels, and roads. Claim areas with meeples to cement your points for later in the game to grow your areas into all they can be. But be sure to remember to complete your projects before you run out of workers to place.

2.)  Karuba

  This game invites you to go on adventure through the jungle to find the monuments and hidden treasures. Your goal is to move your pawn to the corresponding colored temple and to collect gold and crystals as well as the temple treasure.  The game is interactive and a thrilling adventure through the jungle.

3.) Indigo

In this game you are trying to get your gem into your designated goal and win the most points. Each player will have a designated goal to get their gems to. As them game goes on you will lay out tiles bit by bit, building a path to your goal. However be careful of you other opponents, you don’t want to accidentally build them a path to their goal. Moving the gems from their starting point, you must get them to your goals before the other players and aim to win.

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Live-action Sylvan Woods Adventure!

Calling all adventurers! If you and your quarantine buddies are looking for something to do, then you’re in luck! We are offering an interactive adventure for you and 3 other party members. This bundle takes you and your pals on an adventure that you’ll never forget, a live-action roleplaying game set in a local park to rediscover as the fantastical Slyvan Woods!

When you purchase this adventure pack you will find there are details to work out before you start. Be sure to read the introduction before you choose a good date and time to set out. Then each of you will pick the character you want to play, as well as an adventure leader to guide the party through the play instructions. But be warned! As you embark on this quest, you will see that not all things are as they appear to be and gain a new appreciation for the beauty of nature and your own imaginations.

As far as characters go, you have the main four to choose from: Wizard, Rouge, Healer, and Warrior.  Each player has their own set of goals plus the group’s goals to keep in mind, but the main goal is to collectively create a story to tell together. For more information about the player’s roles click the link : CharacterSheets

I tried the first adventure (wildwood01) with three other people I am quarantined with, and we had so much fun! It was kind of tricky at first, but as we progressed we got more comfortable with it.  This interactive adventure is a great way to get up and moving out of the house. There are some basics to run this by: stay on the directed path, maintain appropriate social distancing, do not damage plants or the environment. (The adventure guide explains everything in more detail, but these precautions can never be overstated). If you are one for treasure hunting, monster fighting, or glory-seeking, you are sure to find this adventure right up your alley.

We also have TWO new character add-on options on our online ordering site: the Bard and the Ranger!

You can purchase the adventure and any add-ons by clicking this link:

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Top rented games!

Hello everyone, The Game Table Cafe is here for you. If you’ve been with us for a while you know that we have a huge game selection. Since this epidemic has started we’ve been offering game rentals. Renting the games is easy and fun! You come in and pick out up to three games and pay a $10 rental fee along with a $20 deposit. When you’re done with the games you bring them back and get the $20 back. We’ve had many customers come in to rent games and some games are really popular. Here’s our top rented games at the cafe.

1.) Terraforming Mars- In this game it is your goal to terraform Mars so that colonies can live there without wearing heavy protective gear. This is by far the most rented game at the cafe as of April.

2.) Azul- The goal in this game is simple, score the highest. Claim the highest tiles and get the highest score.This game is fun for families with kids, it teaches strategy and wit.

3.) Pandemic- At the beginning of this world wide epidemic up to now this game was rented as a joke by a lot of people.The goal of this game is to save humanity from the pandemic and keep it from     spreading.

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Getting bored at home? rent board games!

Renting board games, it sounds complicated but it’s really simple. We at the game table cafe know how boring it can be. Don’t fret we have a solution, renting board games. Renting board games is very simple. All you have to do is come in or call and pick a game you want. Then all you have to do is come in and pay, there is a $10 rental fee and a $20 deposit until the game is returned. You will sign a slip of paper agreeing to return the game in good condition to the cafe within 48 hours. However if you need the game for a longer period of time just call the cafe and let us know. Once you have returned the games and shown us the receipt you will get the $20 deposit back. For sanitary reasons every game that is returned is sanitized.

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Top 5 bread stick games to play

Hey everyone! Ever wonder if there are easy and simple games to learn at the cafe? look no farther than our bread stick game. these games are great to beginners and young kids. With over 50 games to choose from and our collection always expanding there’s sure to be something for everyone.


  1. Kings Gold

This is my  favorites bread stick game to play. This pirate plundering game will have you and your friends out for gold and revenge. The goal of this game is to be the richest captain of the sea. You’ll want to bring your best luck to the table because your role of the dice will determine how much gold you will get.

  1. Color Addict

This game, like UNO, is a rush to win. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards first. The tricky part of this game is the cards can mess with your mind. For example, if a card says ‘red’, but is written is blue, you may either put a blue or red card down on top of that card. If a card says ‘red’ and is written in blue, but has a green splotch in the card, you can’t put down a green card. The paint splotches are latterly there to confuse you.

  1. Curios

This objective reasoning game is one that many here at the café are a fan of. The goal of this game is to have the most point at the end of the game. The card under each of the treasure sites will determine how many points each gem from that site is worth. See how many points you can get when you and your friends play Curios!

  1. Sushi Go!

This game of cute little sushi characters is so fun to play! The goal of this game is to have the best combination of sushi. This is a pretty fast game but is really exhilarating once you get the hang of it. Go gain as many points as you can and become a master sushi chef!

  1. Spot It!

Spot it is a great game to play especially with kids. The goal of this game is to have the most cards at the end of the game. To win cards you match any item or animal to the same item/ animal on the center card and say, “spot it!” and take that card. This competitive game is so fun to play and it’s quick.

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Top 3 board games coming out summer 2020!

Hello everyone we hope you are doing well and staying healthy. During this time we know people are going crazy, however, there are still good things to look forward to this summer for us which means board games. These three games caught my attention!

  1. Sleeping Gods                                    (release date- May 2020)

In this game the gods have brought you to a mysterious island and its  you and your crews mission to wake the gods up so you can get home. This game caught my eye because of the adventure and mythology. Almost everyone loves adventure games, this game sure fits that description. This is honestly my personal most anticipated game for this summer.

2. Spirit Island: Jagged Earth                    (release date- September 2020)

This game is an expansion to the great game Spirit Island. In this expansion the invaders are more in numbers and harder to beat. It’s up to you to harness the natural elements spirits powers to defeat them. When i saw this i wanted to play it immediately, the  spirits, sense of adventure and, charters in all drew me in.

3. The 7th Citadel                               (release date- May-September 2020)

In this exploration game will have you and your friends on your toes for adventure. Unlike other games where you normally need two or more players, this game you can lay on your own or with a team of other explorers. this game implores you to explore the new land and discover new things. Not only that but you can leave the game at anytime and come back to it later.

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