Get to know your sandwiches! part 1

Hello everyone, this week was very exciting as the store is now open to half capacity. this is a big step since we have been so confined for three months. thank you to everyone who helped us in that time. For this blog i had the idea to introduce the games that our sandwiches are based on. Not only are these sandwiches delicious but also fun games to play.

  1. Ticket to Ride

Not only is this one of our favorite sandwiches but is also one our more popular games. Take a trip on this train adventure to see which of you can go to the most cities in 7 days.  This adventure game will take you on a journey on many different train routes through North America. Your goal is to complete the most tickets and/ or take the longest route to hit as many cities as you can.

2. Karuba

This game invites you to go on adventure through the jungle to find the monuments and hidden treasures. Your goal is to move your pawn to the corresponding colored temple and to collect gold and crystals as well as the temple treasure. The game is interactive and a thrilling adventure through the jungle.

3. 7 Wonders

7 Wonder is a game about ancient cities using natural resources, military might and making your mark in history. This is a card development game that takes strategy and will test your developmental skill throughout the game. Once you start playing this game, you’ll be a fan forever. It’s that addictive!

  1. Catan

This sandwich is also an awesome game.  In this particular game you are controlling a group of settlers and trying to tame the wilderness around you.  It is also a resource trading game as well as a cooperative game. Your objective is to build as many settlements as possible so that you can win the game. However, you must also be watchful of the robber and avoid being robbed.

  1. Fresco

This renaissance-based game takes the player and puts them in the positions of Fresco painters so that they have to restore a painting on the cathedrals ceiling. This game requires careful planning and strategics. Your goal is to completely restore the painting and become the most renowned fresco painter.


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