"Ticket to Ride"
Sliced turkey with provolone cheese, lettuce, craisins and cranberry mayo on a croissant
Best Quality
Carefully selected products for quality and freshness
Always In Time
All our sandwiches are prepared to order
Master Chefs
Our sandwiches are like the ones mom used to make
We use the freshest ingredients to ensure you enjoy the tastiest result 
The "Dominion"
Meatball sub - four meatballs covered in a stroganoff sauce and covered with provolone cheese, toasted to perfection
The "Fresco"
Italian sub - a combination of deli ham, genoa salami, pepperoni and provolone cheese topped with lettuce and roasted tomatoes
The "Scoville"
A grilled cheese sandwich with a "pop!"  Jalepenos, cream cheese, colby jack cheese, and corn tortillas on a ciabatta roll toasted on a panini grill
The "Munchkin"
Roast beef topped with red onions, roasted tomatoes, lettuce and horsey sauce on a kaiser roll
Frozen Drinks
Mocha or latte frappe (chocolate or vanilla frappe with a shot of espresso) topped with whipped cream

Frappes Vanilla or chocolate frappe
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