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The Game Table Cafe is Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania’s first board game cafe.  Located on the West Shore in Hampden Township, Mechanicsburg, PA.


The "7" Wonders
Fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted tomatoes, and basil pesto on a ciabatta roll lightly toasted in a panini press
The Munchkin
Roast beef topped with red onions, roasted tomatoes, lettuce and horsey sauce on a kaiser roll
The Catan
Sliced Turkey, bacon, and Russian dressing on a sub roll topped with Swiss cheese and toasted until golden and bubbly
The Fresco
Italian Sub - combination of Italian ham, genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, topped with lettuce and roasted tomatoes
Fresh from the Bakery
Sweet, warm and delectable banana nut bread baked to perfection and topped off with a piping hot cup of joe
The "Dominion"
Meatball sub - Four meatballs covered in a stroganoff sauce and topped with provolone cheese, toasted to perfection
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Thomas Keegan
The Game Table Cafe is your third place. We live out our lives in two principle places - home and work. But for many, there is a third place. The third place is that place away from home where you go to enjoy life, be with friends -- that one place away from home and work that serves as your refuge away. Offering excellent food while providing family fun and entertainment, the Game Table Cafe is that third place.
"Game Winner"
The Game Table Cafe is just one of those places that I just really enjoy coming to spend some time. Their sandwiches are awesome. Their coffee is always really fresh and, well, it's just a really fun and relaxing place to be. Tom's always talking about this "third" place; and well, I guess this really is mine.
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