Keeping Up with Your Cafe

New Hours:
These hours are only for takeout and game rental pickup/return

Tuesdays-Sundays: 11am-1pm
Mondays: 11am-1pm only

What are we at the game table café doing?
• At this time all our retail games are 20% off so that you can stay home with your family and friends and still play games. This sale is only for card games and board games, so it excludes products like sleeves, dice, and D&D supplies.

• Our Discord has a wide community of people that come to our café and newcomers are always welcome to join us. We have Magic the Gathering groups, D&D, livestreams, demos, and more.

• Order takeout so that you can still enjoy our flavorful food. We are not open for sit down eating at this time. Call (717) 695-0836 to place your order or email us at during our new hours to have it ready for you to pick up when you arrive.


Best sandwich in Mechanicsburg
The Catan Sandwich

Virtual games events
• Daily- link up with other people on our discord everyday to see what games there are to play.

• Wednesdays- 7:30pm- Magic Arena virtual meetup on Discord.
7:30pm- Virtual tabletop game Discord meetup.

• Fridays- 7:30pm- Friday night Magic on Arena. Virtual meetup on Discord.
8:30pm- Virtual tabletop game meetup on Discord.

• Saturdays- 2:00pm- Virtual tabletop meetup on Discord.
7:30pm- Magic arena virtual meetup on Discord.

• Sundays- 3:00pm- Dungeons & Dragons one-shot on Discord.

Listen in on our broadcasts!

• Tuesdays- D&D Adventurer’s league
• Thursdays- 7:30pm- Live stream: Play with Us- this week on 3/26, we have “Splendor”!
• Fridays- 7:30pm- Game Talk Live Stream. Chat with gamers about gaming and other nerdy/creative pursuits on our Discord!
• Saturdays- 2pm- Live Stream: Play with Us.
• Sundays- 2pm- Dungeon Master Chat. Talk with our local DMs live.

Reach out to us!
We play games and need distractions from our own isolation, and feel free to send us your ideas and comments. We want to make this the best experience possible. Here is how to engage with us:
• Join our Discord:
• Follow us on Facebook. We will be hosting online events, and encouraging comments in those events so that we can make them better.
• Call in during our new hours and talk to us at (717) 695-0836
• We’d love you to play with us! Join one of our live streams and ask questions about what you want to know or just leave us a nice comment. We may not respond right away, but we will review the stream after and reply to as many comments/questions as we can.
• Email us at