State of Emergency: What it means for the cafe.


On behalf of everyone at The Game Table Café, I want to inform you of what we are doing to support our community leaders in response to COVID-19.  The government has not asked us to do any of these things.  There is risk in what we are planning.  No doubt these actions will reduce our business in the coming weeks.  I know I will not be compensated for any losses  by the government nor by insurance.  But, leadership often means taking risks to do what is right.

The measures below are precautions designed to reduce exposure and “flatten the curve” through social distancing while still enabling you to support our business in the coming weeks.   I take seriously our obligations towards our nine employees.  They depend on the income generated by the business.  Finding a balance between these two missions is what we are proposing.

Say no to panic but yes to precautions.

As of right now we are no longer going to host large events at the café.   These are events that we know will draw more than 8 people for the event.

We do plan to operate normal business hours.  We are evaluating this each day.  We may transition to reduced hours and/or temporarily close down.  Follow us on Face Book to see the latest updates.  Right now we think there is a need to provide a safe place for smaller groups of people to meet.  We also want to offer options for people who want to enjoy our games and food at their home.  The following actions are being implemented starting Monday, but you are free to start when you are ready.

  • Buy a game and stay home.  We are offering everyone 20% off on game purchases.
  • Buy a gift certificate for use when things are back to normal.  Probably the best way to support us and our employees.
  • Join us on Table Top Simulator and learn a new game.  Over the next two weeks we will host game events using Table Top Simulator.  Schedule will be posted soon.
  • Capacity Cap. Still want to visit us but want to keep your distance.  Starting Monday 3/16  we are cutting our normal seating capacity in half.  This will increase the distance between everyone at the café.  If you want to make sure you can get a table, please make a reservation.  Walk ins will have the lowest priority.  Call in to reserve a spot.  (717) 695-0836.
  • Join us during our slowest times.  Swing by for a latte, smoothie and say hi or use the free wifi when the cafe is relatively empty.  Mon – Fri (10am – 5pm)  We will be there.
  • Call in your order. We will have it ready for pick up.  Here is a link to our menu.
  • Food delivered through Doordash. Here is the link to Doordash with our menu.
  • Game rental for $10.  We promise to wipe them down with sanitizer between each use.   You will leave a deposit and sign an agreement to bring it back in good condition.  Here is a link to our game library
  • Private Party. We can arrange a private party for you and your friends/family.  The day and time can be arranged based on our non-peak hours.  Make a reservation by calling the café.  (717) 695-0836

We are evaluating the best thing to do with each of our regular group and league meetings.  We are reaching out to each of those leaders and letting them know their options.

We will continue to monitor the situation and stay open as long as practical.  We may end up temporarily closing down the cafe in the near future.  Right now we are day to day.  You  can show your support by implementing the above options that meet your comfort level over the coming weeks.  We intend to support you, our employees, and our community as we respond to this emergency.

Your opinion matters.  If you have additional recommendations or advice please let me know.