Magic Talk: Aether Revolt

Even if you don’t consider yourself a gamer, you probably know about Magic: The Gathering. Ever since its creation in 1993, Magic: The Gathering has taken the world by storm as the most popular collectible card game. An estimated twenty million people play Magic. How seriously all of these people play, I do not know, but twenty million is still an impressive number nonetheless. Our regular player base here at the café is only a teeny tiny little fraction of that, but we still boast a fairly decent number. I can say with certainty that our Magic events consistently have the highest turnout of any of our events. Our Aether Revolt Pre-Release event was at max capacity and we already have a lot of people signed up for our Game Day event this coming Saturday.

I don’t know who the fire lady is, but she looks pretty cool

Aether Revolt is the newest set of Magic cards that was released in January. The story behind the new set is that after Kaladesh (aka the set before this one) the government began confiscating inventions and arresting inventors, causing discontent among the people. These new cards have been available for a bit less than a month and they seem to be doing well. However, as we are all very aware, I am not a Magic player. So I asked some of our regular players to offer their opinions:

“The flavor and story of the newest block as a whole is probably my favorite to date. Around the café it’s no secret that I’m trying to collect the Masterpiece cards. They are elusive, but I’ll get them, just watch.” –Colby B

“At first I wasn’t super excited, but the more I play with the cards, the better it gets! The new “revolt” ability adds a really cool element to the game. I really like the new card Paradox Engine. It really combos well with a card from an older set, making some crazy standard decks!” –Colton E

“I really enjoy the card Heart of Kiran. It’s a two cost vehicle and its stats are way better than Smuggler’s Copter.” –Bobby J

“It’s a good set. It’s a lot of fun. The cards are pretty. There are no squirrels.” Bill H

If you’d like to check out the new set, we have plenty available in the café. And, of course, Game Day is coming up this Saturday, the 11th so sign-up now to ensure your spot!